PART FIVE: 43 author bios

43 authors are referenced by James T. McCay in BEYOND MOTIVATION.

In the Expanded Edition a short biography of each author has been included with a link to a brief synopsis of each publication referenced in BEYOND MOTIVATION. These quick and easy references will help you to gain an understanding of who the author is and what their impact has been on modern management.

Jim was a master of synergizing and connecting the dots and I find it exciting to be able to look at where some of the seeds of McCay’s thoughts came from.
– Richard E. Ward

Authors Referenced

  1. Abraham H. Maslow
  2. Arthur Koestler
  3. Arthur W. Osborn
  4. Bernard Gunther
  5. Bradford Shank
  6. Carl R. Rogers
  7. Charles E. Cooke
  8. Charles S. Elton
  9. Charles S. Nott
  10. Chogyam Trungpa
  11. Colin Wilson
  12. Conrad Richter
  13. D’Arcy Thompson
  14. Don Fabun
  15. Edward Maisel
  16. Edward T. Hall
  17. Eleanore Ross
  18. Eric Berne
  19. Erik H. Erikson
  20. Eugen Herrigel
  21. Fritz Perls
  22. George M. Prince
  23. Gertrude Enelow
  24. Gordon B. Thompson
  25. Gurdjieff
  26. Ivan D. Illich
  27. J. Z. Young
  28. Karl Menninger
  29. Kenneth E. Boulding
  30. Kenneth Walker
  31. Krishnamurti
  32. Marshall McLuhan
  33. Moshe Feldenkrais
  34. Paul Goodman
  35. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  36. Pitirim A. Sorokin
  37. Quentin Fiore
  38. Ralph Hefferline
  39. Robert S. de Ropp
  40. Rollo May
  41. Wayland Young
  42. Wilhelm Reich
  43. William C. Schutz
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