Charles S. Elton

Charles Sutherland Elton FRS (29 March 1900 – 1 May 1991) the author of
The Ecology Of Invasions by Animals and Plants was an English zoologist and animal ecologist. His name is associated with the establishment of modern population and community ecology, including studies of invasive organisms.

Often considered the father of animal ecology, Elton published the field’s first general synthesis, formulating principles that would shape subsequent concepts and methods.

He founded a small research center, the Bureau of Animal Population, at Oxford University in 1932, and directed it until its dissolution upon his retirement in 1967. The bureau became an internationally significant center for research and scholarly exchange, influencing two generations of ecologists.

Elton was the founding editor of the Journal of Animal Ecology, a position he held for two decades.

He also contributed to Great Britain’s nature conservation policies and agencies, and to defining the relevance of ecological science to economic and environmental concerns.

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