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Richard E. Ward served as an executive assistant to James T. McCay.

Richard E. Ward

The Management of Time

He co-authored the Introduction and Appreciation to THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME by James T. McCay republished by Prentice-Hall in 1992.

Published Beyond Motivation

In 2015 Richard republished BEYOND MOTIVATION as an Expanded Edition in ePub and Kindle formats under his Tydbyte Media imprint.

Richard writes about his journey to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION in Republishing Beyond Motivation: The Story.

Sounding Board and Consultant

Richard E. Ward provides Sounding Board and Consulting Services.

Richard uses his eclectic life experience in business, government, politics, recruiting, personal coaching and holistic healing to help clients gain new understandings and perspectives that can help them experience an adventure in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life.

Richard is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Discover usable techniques for personal and group development

BEYOND MOTIVATION delivers usable techniques for personal and group development that helps individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy.

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay with Richard E. Ward
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