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The late James Tackaberry McCay the author of BEYOND MOTIVATION was a business visionary. He was a man ahead of his time.

McCay was chairman of Integron Associates Incorporated of Montreal, co-ordinators of integrated development projects.

James T. McCay, Beyond Motivation

McCay was the author of the best selling, timeless, classic guide to increased productivity THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME and the groundbreaking BEYOND MOTIVATION that presented his ideas and practices concerning synergy, integral development and general semantics.

Personal Development Visionary

McCay was an executive and personal development visionary who acted as counsel on organization growth and executive development to corporations in Canada and the United States.

James McCay & Associates

In 1953, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, McCay formed Bois, McCay and Associates (later becoming James McCay and Associates Ltd.) with Dr. J. Samuel Bois.

General Semantics

Dr. J. Samuel Bois was an associate of Alfred Korzybski the Polish-American philosopher and scientist who developed the theory of General Semantics and founded The Institute of General Semantics.

Samuel Bois was a leading writer about General Semantics. His books include Explorations in Awareness (1957), The Art of Awareness (1966, 1973, 1978), Communication As Creative Experience (1968), Breeds of Men (1970), and Epistemics : The Science-Art of Innovating (1973).

Executive Training, Self-Development & Management of Time

McCay and Bois developed a series of programs for executive training as well as leading numerous seminars on self-development and the management of time that integrated general semantics.


James McCay travelled extensively in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia interviewing several hundred leaders in government, industry, universities as well as researchers in the sciences of man. These travels and interviews helped McCay to nurture the growth of the Integron concept and Integral Development.

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