2. Do I want to explore this subject now?

The answer is an absolute yes if any of the following activities or concerns are part of your life:

  • you are in a company or organization that is re-organizing or re-engineering;
  • you are engaged in a field where massive amounts of information and/or highly specialized
  • knowledge are required for decision making;
  • you are directly and frequently affected by change;
  • you are managing for the first time;
  • you are expected to be creative and innovative


In The Management of Time, McCay, clearly foresaw the radical changes in style and management theory that would be required to succeed in the Information Age.

McCay’s integration of relational, communicational and personal growth processes for self and organizational improvement is unique.

You have probably read a subject at a time, addressed by different authors, but with McCay you are shown how all the pieces fit together – like discovering the picture within a jigsaw puzzle or connecting the dots. A basic framework is established that adds strength to what you know and expands what you learn.

5 Key Questions

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