The Dynamics of Change

The Dynamics of Change by Don Fabun is a large coffee-table book full of wonderful photographs, illustrations, and insightful quotations about technology and the future.

In 1965 Don Fabun peers into the mystical far off 1980’s and imagine what the world will be like. He is surprisingly prescient about several things.


That’s it–over there on the bureau where you left it last night–your electronic alter-ego. It is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, yet It has stored in it everything you have ever experienced. Ask it a question, and if it doesn’t have the answer, it will plug into some system that does; a Federal central information service, a state service, a municipal one.

Automobiles and GPS:

This will be done by guidance systems in the vehicle. There will be television surveillance of every mile of highway so that a dispatcher can anticipate problems and correct them before congestion builds up, or take remedial action after an accident has occurred.

The driver’s position in relation to other vehicles within one mile of him, together with his position on the roadway with respect to all points of conflict, will be shown continuously on a small television viewer, available to him at the flick of a switch. While he’s watching TV, who is watching the road?

The next step of course, would be the completely computerized, electronically controlled movement of automobiles on freeway and turnpike systems. Such control systems will be well within our technology in the next two decades; they almost are now.

Fabun is optimistic about the future and sees a large role for technology.

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