The Joy of Physical Freedom

The Joy of Physical Freedom by Gertrude Enelow is more than the usual series of exercises. It is more than a device to enable you to feel good for a few hours. It presents a new method of rhythmic exercises describing a method to help achieve body balance for better health and appearance.

“Body Dynamics is a beauty treatment, inside and out. It teaches us how to avoid feeling and moving like machines. The demands of tense city living have so far removed us from a sense of oneness with nature that even the natural movements of a graceful walk have become a lost art.” says Gertrude Enelow

Enelow’s book helps you to regain the “lost art.” It does so by enabling you to achieve complete relaxation and develop new vigor through a series of rhythmic exercises which stress the relation of breathing to movement.

Body Dynamics involves a folding and unfolding of the body, a flow of motion, with each movement growing out of the one before until the most difficult movements become simple.

Body Dynamics & Zen

There is a connection between the underlying principles of Body Dynamics and the Zen doctrine. The basic idea of Zen is to catch life as it flows, move with it, and feel at one with. it. Through Body Dynamics, you acquire a body flow which exemplifies the very spirit of Zen moving with life.

You need no outside apparatus to receive the benefits from Body Dynamics. You have all that you need, built within yourself, As you learn to use your body as a complete whole, you gain immediate beneficial results.

Now, in response to widespread demand, Mrs. Enelow has written this book. With the aid of scores of drawings by Ivan Whitkov, a distinguished Chicago artist, she presents the fundamental concepts of Body Dynamics.

As you read this fascinating book and begin to apply its principles, you will be astonished at what your body can do for you without effort. You will quickly come to agree with the great Ruth St. Denis that

“Gertrude Enelow is a modern prophet. Her Body Dynamics is a must right now, when we all need it.”

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