Motivation and Personality

Abraham H. Maslow explores the complex world of what motivates people and how their personalities interact with these motivations in Motivation and Personality.

Maslow is a significant contributor on timeless thinking about personal and professional motivational theory.

Abraham Maslow is best known for his Hierarchy of Needs. Chapter 5 in Motivation and Personality explores that hierarchy; not in the detail of his original paper on the subject, but it does have some good food for thought.

Maslow’s writing is easy to read and understand, but has a great deal of depth to it. For example, in a section called Satisfactions Generate New Motivations, Maslow writes:

“The Human being is a wanting animal and rarely reaches a state of complete satisfaction except for a short time. As one desire is satisfied, another pops up to take its place.”

This simple but profound statement at least partially explains why we as humans have accomplished so much…good and bad.

Overall, Motivation and Personality is a fantastic book about motivation and personality that is extremely insightful!

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