17 Qualities of Self-Actualizing People According to Maslow

According to Abraham Maslow, known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of self-actualization, self-actualizing people share the 17 qualities of truth, goodness, beauty, wholeness, dichotomy-transcendence, aliveness, unique, perfection, necessity, completion, justice, order, simplicity, richness, effortlessness, playfulness, and self-sufficiency.

Abraham Maslow - Beyond Motivation

  1. Truth: honest, reality, beauty, pure, clean and unadulterated completeness
  2. Goodness: rightness, desirability, uprightness, benevolence, honesty
  3. Beauty: rightness, form, aliveness, simplicity, richness, wholeness, perfection, completion,
  4. Wholeness: unity, integration, tendency to oneness, interconnectedness, simplicity, organization, structure, order, not dissociated, synergy
  5. Dichotomy-transcendence: acceptance, resolution, integration, polarities, opposites, contradictions
  6. Aliveness: process, not-deadness, spontaneity, self-regulation, full-functioning
  7. Unique: idiosyncrasy, individuality, non comparability, novelty
  8. Perfection: nothing superfluous, nothing lacking, everything in its right place, just-rightness, suitability, justice
  9. Necessity: inevitability: it must be just that way, not changed in any slightest way
  10. Completion: ending, justice, fulfillment
  11. Justice: fairness, suitability, disinterestedness, non partiality,
  12. Order: lawfulness, rightness, perfectly arranged
  13. Simplicity: nakedness, abstract, essential skeletal, bluntness
  14. Richness: differentiation, complexity, intricacy, totality
  15. Effortlessness: ease; lack of strain, striving, or difficulty
  16. Playfulness: fun, joy, amusement
  17. Self-sufficiency: autonomy, independence, self-determining.

Abraham H. Maslow
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