Removing Beyond Motivation from Kindle KDP Unlimited

I have decided to remove Beyond Motivation from Amazon KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited as the result of encouragement by amazon. 🙂

The rules provide that for a book to be in KDP Select it cannot be available through any other online source such iBooks, Google and so forth.

There are two editions of Beyond Motivation. The Basic Edition and the Expanded Edition.

I had placed the Expanded Edition in KDP Select little realizing that amazon considers both editions to be the same book. So they gave me 5 days to remove the Basic Edition from Google or have the Expanded Edition removed from KDP Select.

I replied that I considered the books to different but they responded that from their perspective they were the same. So quick and polite response. But not to my liking. Oh dear. So Bye Bye KDP Select.

The Expanded Edition will now be available in a week or so across all venues such as Google, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Read Beyond Motivation on Kindle Unlimited

The Expanded Edition of Beyond Motivation is now no longer available to read with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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Beyond Motivation - Expanded Edition

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