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43 authors are referenced by McCay in BEYOND MOTIVATION. In the Tydbyte Media Expanded Edition a short biography of each author has been included.

A brief synopsis of each publication is also included in the book.

I find it exciting to be able look at where the germs of McCay’s thoughts came from.
Richard E. Ward

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Venture with Ideas

Venture with Ideas by Kenneth Walker supplies the feeling of a pupil’s actual experience of studying with Gurdjieff.

This warm human memoir lightly sketches Gurdjieff’s psychological and cosmological teaching, within the biographical context of the author’s twenty four years study with Ouspensky in England.

Dr. Walker’s vivid account, particularly of his first visit to Gurdjieff’s Paris apartment in the late 1940s, is distinguished by his keenly trained powers of observation as a physician. “Gurdjieff used to say that a man revealed himself most clearly in his reactions to sexuality and to money. I could add yet another signpost to a man’s personality, namely, his reaction to Gurdjieff himself. Many reactions were possible, but it was impossible to be indifferent to him or to forget that he was there.… Whatever he was, he was something on a much bigger scale than one had ever seen before, or is ever likely to see again.”

Walker’s scientific background (he was three times Hunterian Professor of Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons) adds interest to his reception of esoteric ideas.