Evolution is a process featuring the appearance of organizations of ever greater complexity. Again and again organizations have reached certain critical points – points where they could advance no further – except by becoming part of new structures with greater growth potential.

Man now appears to have reached such a critical point. Individually he can no longer cope effectively with information overloads and global system problems.

In this decade we may therefore witness his jump to a new, unimaginably greater creative level – the level of humanity. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin proposed that the next stage of development after man would be the HUMAN. He visualized a human as a member of a ‘greater soul’. A human might also be seen as a member of an interthinking, interfeeling, interacting synergistic group. When a group achieves synergistic interaction it creates (just as a well conducted orchestra does) considerably more then the sum of the individual contributions of its members.


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Collins, London 1959