Joy: Expanding Human Awareness

In Joy: Expanding Human Awareness by William C. Schutz, he explains the extraordinary procedures and techniques used at Esalen – talking, touching, hugging, and acting out life situations – and shows how the simplest physical acts can transform suspicion into trust and hostility into love.

Are you missing one of the greatest joys in life – the joy of spontaneous emotion? This is the book that made Encounter Groups famous.

At the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Dr. William Schutz conducted a workshop whose theme was “developing the ability to experience joy” and this book presents those procedures and techniques.

“What happened in the course of 5 days is that the obvious became significant. Cliches became significant. I found myself discovering what had always been under my nose…I could look anyone in the eyes and my eyes were opened….I experienced the joy Schutz promised to deliver”.