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43 authors are referenced by McCay in BEYOND MOTIVATION. In the Tydbyte Media Expanded Edition a short biography of each author has been included.

A brief synopsis of each publication is also included in the book.

I find it exciting to be able look at where the germs of McCay’s thoughts came from.
Richard E. Ward

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Sex Can be an Art!

Sex Can Be an Art by Charles E. Cooke and Eleanore Ross is apt to shock you into a startled reappraisal if you have a feeling of complacency about your sex life. This book tours the bedrooms of twenty couples in a mythical U.S. suburb to describe a full range of love techniques, including such taboo subjects as group sex and wife-swapping.

Sex can be an art!
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If you sense something is lacking, yearn for something better, face up to the fact that the odds are 1,000 to 1 that your cultural background has made you a frustrated sexual “cripple”, you may find the answer here and learn what to do.

Sex Can Be an Art forces you to see yourself as you really are and not as you fancy yourself to be. At times you may be upset, angry or resentful.

You’ll find your particular sex life revealed when the authors take you on a bedroom tour in the mythical town of Normalville. You’ll read of “normal” people having sex and, suddenly, your concept of “normal” will shatter. Only then will you begin to realize that the concept of “normal” thrives on fear!

Sex can be an art!
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Eleanore Ross

Eleanore Ross co-authored Sex Can be an Art! with Charles E. Cooke.