4. the human system is self-regulating

The human system is self-regulating.

Each of the sub-systems in the human organism has its own feedback or self-regulating control circuitry.

There are thousands of these homeostatic mechanisms within the body which maintain our temperature, breathing, appetite, elimination, hormone level, blood sugar, salt content and countless other factors within survival ranges.

So complex and interrelated is this balancing network that it is impossible for us to second-guess even a tiny part of its operation. When we override its inner dictates we invariably throw ourselves out of balance.

When we tell others what they should (must, ought, never) do, we throw both of them and ourselves out of balance since they comprise part of our greater self-system (part of the environment we are interacting with).

Some assumptions underlying integral development

4. the human system is self-regulating - James T. McCay - Beyond Motivation
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