3. the elements of the human organism interact

The elements of the human organism interact with each other and events in the environment whilst undergoing constant irreversible change.

Since the elements of the system are constantly interacting with each other and with other events in their environments a change in any one part of the system will influence all other parts of the system. It follows that every part is important to overall system performance. Breakdown of even an apparently redundant part can cause complete failure of the organism (e.g. infected appendix).

If the optimum condition of system functioning is one of continual irreversible change then we could say that any repetition of postural set, movement, speech or thought pattern would indicate an interruption of the developmental sequence.

An individual during moments of consciousness would experience the satisfaction of emergence towards more perfect (that is to say more complex and integrated) thinking-feeling-doing-being.

Some assumptions underlying integral development

3. the elements of the human organism interact - James T. McCay - Beyond Motivation
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